The Psalms



The Psalms that follow are suggested templates for a more in-depth study.  Each outline identifies the main points of a Psalm and I would encourage you to probe further that the Lord might enlighten you.  God bless your studies.

Psalm 6


 In Psalm 4 David prayed for deliverance and in Psalm 5 he prayed for guidance.  In this Psalm 6 David prays for mercy.  We do not know what David has done but it is no small thing he is asking forgiveness for.  David is in great sorrow and weakness until he cries to the Lord and is reconciled to Him.

 1.  What sin does to a person 1 - 7

     It weakens - verse 2

It cuts a person off from God - verses 3 - 5

It causes sorrow verses 6 - 7


2.  What repentance does to a person verses 8 - 10

     It causes God to hear - verses 8 - 9

It brings strength - verse 8

It puts our enemies to flight verse 10


God hears our prayer of repentance and comes to us.  Then we are re-united with Him and we are again strong in the Lord.

Psalm 7

 Many of the Psalms of David are about situations of conflict and danger.  They should be especially relevant to us, as Christians, because Paul says our spiritual life is a warfare against spiritual enemies.  Therefore what David found and experienced about God’s provision and power are things we should look for and experience ourselves.

 In this Psalm David is again face to face with wickedness and he meditates on three things:


1.  His own righteousness - verses 1 - 5

     He prays for deliverance - verses 1 - 2

He examines himself - verses 3 - 5


2.  God’s position as judge of all the world - verses 6 - 10

     Sin angers God - verse 6

God judges all - verses 7 - 9

God saves the righteous - verses 9 - 10


3.  God’s judgement on the wicked - verses 11 - 17

     God’s judgement for sin is death - verses 11 - 13

The wicked bring about their own downfall - verses 14 - 16

The righteous will triumph and praise the Lord - verse 17